Practice Facilities

Driving Range

Enjoy our double sided, 12 bay practice facility. The golf ball pyramids are awaiting you from dawn to dusk. Enjoy hitting from a natural, quality turfgrass setting to have the most realistic practice experience possible.

Putting Green

Check out our practice putting green next to the pro shop and hole #1. Our greens are kept in the most prestine conditions to ensure they are fast and fun. Practice before going out for your round to acclimate yourself to the speed of our greens.

Training Instruction


Ryan Leitner

PGA Head Golf Professional

Teaching Philosophy

As a PGA Professional, it is my assumed responsibility to aid the golfer in comprehending the components of a successful golf game. This is completed through a coaching style that combines the physical element of the game along with the mental approach to the game. The key attributes of a successful golf instructor include knowledge of the golf swing, communication with the student, motivation, and the ability to correctly diagnose swing flaws. Every individual who decides to learn the game of golf is different in their physical attributes and athletic ability. As a result, there is no one correct method of teaching every student.

Teaching Approach

The student and the instructor must begin by assessing the student's expectations, goals, level of commitment, strengths, weaknesses, and physical limitations. Following a review of the proper fundamentals, it is the professional's job to identify key areas of need and work with basic elements of the swing, along with practice drills to attain muscle memory. Once this is completed, the student can begin to improve their score, as well as their enthusiasm for the game. The best results can be achieved by not only individual instruction, but video analysis, playing lessons, drills, use of training aids, custom club-fitting, and strength and flexibility exercises.

Instruction Programs and Rates

Beginner Group Clinic (4-6 people) $20.00 per person
1/2 Hour $40.00
1 Hour with Video Swing Analysis $70.00
4 Lesson Series (covers all aspects of your golf game) $200.00
9 Hole Playing Lesson $80.00

Contact Ryan Leitner, PGA Head Golf Professional, for more information at (517) 423-3930

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